Kami Hoss DDS Underlines The Importance Of Good Oral Hygiene and Dental Health For Children

For each and every parent, ensuring the good health and well-being of their kids becomes a top priority. However, while most parents do take care of the proper nutrition of their kids and take them for regular medical check-ups, they often do not pay enough attention to the dental health of the children. Kami Hoss DDS points out that to see to it that their kids do not end up facing issues like cavities, all parents must try their best to encourage good oral hygiene habits among them from a young age.

Children who maintain proper dental care and oral hygiene habits from a young age are likely to deal with a lot lesser dental issues in their entire life, in comparison to the ones among whom such habits are not inculcated during childhood.  Kami Hoss DDS points out that any habit, including the ones related to dental care, is way easier to follow and maintain throughout life if it has been introduced during early childhood. Children who learn effective brushing and flossing techniques mostly maintain these habits when they are adults, which subsequently go a long way in enabling them to flaunt a radiant smile throughout their lives.

According to Kami Hoss DDS, developing and maintaining good oral hygiene in many ways can be the first line of defense for kids against a host of common dental issues like plague, gum disease and cavities. Moreover, as per some studies, dental decay is among the most prominent chronic childhood disease in the United State, and if this condition is not treated in time then it can eventually lead to pain and infection. Severe dental decay among young children can even impact their eating and speaking habits.

Most dental issues that children face are almost wholly preventable if they regularly go for a dental check-up and practice proper dental care at home. Here especially are some of the practices that all parents must encourage among their kids to aid them in maintaining healthy teeth and gums:

  • Most parents even begin to consider practices for dental health when their kid starts eating solid food. However, it is recommended to get started earlier than this stage, right from the time when the first few teeth of their kids become visible. Rather than a toothbrush, a simple washcloth can be used to gently cleanse the gums and teeth of the child at this point.
  • All kids must be taught to brush all surfaces of their teen for two minutes, twice a day right from the time when they are 3-4 years old. Parents may help their kids in brushing their teeth till they learn how to properly do so independently.
  • Parents should try to teach their child to floss properly from a young age as well. Flossing is important to remove trapped food and plaque between the teeth, and may lead to gingivitis and decay if not done properly

Parents must also try to take their kids to the dentist for a thorough check-up at least twice a year.