Non-Invasive Vasectomy near Me for Family Planning

When you and your spouse or partner do not want any more children in the future, it is prudent to go in for a safe and permanent male sterilization in the form of a non-invasive vasectomy procedure. Several clinics conduct this procedure safely, and you can consult a good doctor with your partner to understand the procedure in detail so that you can get it done soon.

Find non-invasive vasectomy near me

To find non-invasive vasectomy near me, you should conduct an online search for a list of credible clinics that conduct the procedure safely. Moreover, you need to consult the urologist to give you the pros and cons of the procedure so that you and your partner can finally decide whether to go in for it or not. Most couples like to undergo the choice of getting a vasectomy done as they do not want any more kids in the future. So, if you are a male, make sure you take your partner or spouse along to all your doctor consultations so that she is a part of the decision from start to finish.

Known as the keyhole vasectomy, non-invasive vasectomy is popular as no incisions are made in the body. The conventional vasectomy entails the surgeon making two incisions in the man’s scrotum to reach the vas deferens that is the two tubes that allow the sperm to go into the semen. In the non-invasive method, the doctor uses a hemostat that looks like locking forceps with a very sharp tip to make small punctures into the scrotal sac’s skin.

How is the procedure done?

This skin is later spread to see the vas deferens so that the blockage is created. Here, the sperm will not reach the semen as a small part of the vas deferens is cut short and later removed. The remaining part of the vas deferens is then tied or clipped, or cauterized.

During this procedure, each of the vas deferens tubes, generally one by one, is lifted from the puncture site before the occlusion is done. Some doctors resort to the extra step of fascial interposition that comprises of sewing the connective tissue on the free prostatic side of the vas that is the end that is nearest to the urethra. This forms a tissue barrier between the ends of the vas deferens before the remaining ends are permitted to slip into the scrotum like before.

Its benefits include a faster healing time and minimal pain. Moreover, couples can get back to their sexual lives sooner than the conventional vasectomy.

When you are looking for a clinic specializing in non-invasive vasectomy near me, ensure that it is credible when it comes to cleanliness and service quality. The staff should be compassionate, and the doctor should have proven track records in the field. You should checkits online reviews and patient testimonials before you book the date for the procedure after a comprehensive consultation with your preferred doctor.